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Decorate Your Barn in an Exclusive Way with Excellent Barn Door Hinges

Are you bored with the look of your old-fashioned barn door? Then it's high time to change it in the better way. You can either choose to replace your current door or decorate it with excellent door accessories and hardware pieces. The first variant is undoubtedly attractive but it's too expensive for many modern homeowners, while the second one is affordable to everyone.

So, one of the cheapest and beautiful way to enhance the look of your barn door is with such door hardware pieces as barn door hinges. Here are a few basic instructions for you to consider while choosing and installing these articles on your door.

Select those barn door hinges that fit your barn door or cupboard in the best way. Online you can find numerous pieces of advice as for decorating this element of your house in the perfect way. For instance, My Deco website confirms the fact that the most beautiful fit can be achieved only by applying strap hinges covering 50-70% of the door width or cupboard. For instance, if your barn door is 3 feet wide, it's recommended to decorate it with a strap hinge 1 1/2 to 2 feet in length. The greater number of door hinges available in the market come in pairs for the homeowner to install them at the top and bottom of the barn door or the cupboard.

It's highly advised to use the pintle. It is the hinge mechanism that is fixed to the door frame or that of a cupboard. It can be installed at the top of the side edge. A homeowner who has decided to install the barn door hinge on a cupboard, is advised to locate the pintle about 2-3 inches below the upper corner, but if one installs the hinge on a door, it's better to locate the pintle 6-8 inches below the upper corner. Don't forget to mark the places through the screw holes of your hinge mechanism where you're going to place the screws. It should be done with a pencil.

The next step involves drilling of the pilot holes at the marks you have previously made with a pencil. Place the pintle over the pilot holes and carefully drive the earlier prepared screws into the wood. In this way you will be able to mount it on the frame.

Further the strap hinge has to be held in the right location over the door or the cupboard. Make marks via the screw holes to locate the screws in them.

Next, pilot holes need to be drilled at the marks done by the pencil. Place the strap hinge over the holes and locate the screws into the wood of the door or cupboard for mounting it on the door.

The higher described process should be repeated if you wish to mount the hinge mechanism at the bottom of the door or the cupboard. The same distance should be hinged from the bottom of the door or cupboard.

Here are some other tips for you to consider while installing barn door hinges.

The design of hinges is particularly attractive on the closed doors, so it's recommended to select the barn door hinges for those doors which are frequently closed. In this way, you'll get a better view.

The rustic decor can be complemented by adding more items of country theme. For instance, you can use iron accessories including candlesticks, lanterns, horseshoes, and hooks. The walls can be decorated with different kinds of wreaths, while a couch will have a better look if covered with throw quilts. The floor will be more attractive to the eye with a nice rag rug on it.

Finally, it has to be mentioned that you can mount the strap barn door hinge without the pintle. It can be located on the wall to create a rustic accent. Locate strap hinges on the wall near the windows and doorways for dramatic texture.